... paints her "vegetable paradise"

Excerpt from exhibition catalogue 'The Abundance II' Museum for Representational Art “De Buitenplaats”, Eelde, NL (Oct. 2001 – Jan. 2002)


By Diederik Kraaijpoel.


“Of Joke Frima’s work I’ve seen of a number of landscape foregrounds which reach no deeper than say about five metres. She prefers the world she can touch with her hands. Here she has compacted the stage to a more intimate scale. The still lifes close to us, set on tables that have been aligned with the picture plane:



The Apple Household...                                                                 
with its perfect symmetry actually evokes a royal family with their servants. Take note of the blue background which, instead of being an enclosing wall, is a neutral backdrop much like the golden ground in icons. This fact adds to the painting’s ritualistic feel in spite of its realistic, three-dimensional treatment and naturalistic lighting which turn it into a convincing Renaissance painting
By comparison ...
Cascade may be called more baroque due to its asymmetric arrangement and lighting concentrated in its centre.
Undoubtedly a 17th century legacy. But take a closer look: there’s a lot of fine brushwork but hardly any of the thin, flowing old master application of oils. Quite the contrary, here impasto suggests organic shape however small in scale.
This is typically Frima.”